In the wake of the tragic blasts in Beirut, I had the profound opportunity to design a post for Ford that would express solidarity and support for the people affected by this disaster. This social and digital activation aimed to convey a message of unity, compassion, and strength during a time of immense grief.

Using a very imaginative play on the Ford logo’s typography, the design conveyed the message that Ford customers and employees in Beirut are at the heart of Ford. The background depicted a calm and serene scene, offering a sense of hope and resilience amidst the chaos.

This digital activation post was shared across Ford’s social media platforms, garnering widespread engagement and heartfelt responses. It was a small but significant gesture to stand with Beirut and show that Ford cares deeply about global communities in times of need.

Creating this post was a humbling experience, reminding me of the profound impact thoughtful design can have in conveying solidarity and compassion.